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We are Rizkallah Dahro and Choukri Kharboutli families have expertise for decades in metal, granite, dropped ceiling, metal mold, trade, land and maritime transportation from and to Syria.

Knowing that bread cannot be baked without yeast, this food represents a vital goods for Syria. Most yeast factories have been demolished after ten years of war. Therefore, our families decided to establish Dahro and Kharboutli LLC for industry and  trade (Commercial register 7735 issued in Tartus in 2020) in order to invest in this strategic sector.

Satisfying an important percentage of yeast needs mainly in Syria

achieving a plant having high quality of food industry and able to satisfy all preferences.

  • Using most advanced technologies of yeast fabrication

  • Providing best conditions of production and storage assuring food safety.

We are currently removing the rubbles and doing restoration of the infrastructure for the factory.

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