Import and export from Syria

In 2020 Syria was the number 160 economy in the world in terms of total exports and the number 137 in total imports. EXPORTSThe top exports of Syria are Pure Olive Oil ($122M), Spice Seeds ($70.5M), Barley ($56.8M), Other Nuts ($44.5M), and Tomatoes ($32M), exporting mostly to Turkey ($236M), Saudi Arabia ($194M), Lebanon ($99.2M), Egypt ($68.6M), and United Arab Emirates ($46.4M). IMPORTSThe top imports of Syria are Rolled Tobacco ($506M), Refined Petroleum ($161M), Raw Sugar ($101M), Seed Oils ($87M), and Rice ($85.1M), importing mostly from Turkey ($1.42B), China ($834M), United […]

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